Global ID check

Conducting an identity document check and optional identity verification can help provide you with confidence that the individuals you hire are who they claim to be.

Why Conduct an Identity Check?

Instant results after your candidate’s completed their digital verification.

Validates passports in all available countries and many other identity documents.

Digitally verifies your candidates’ identity document is authentic using the latest advanced AI-driven Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Can also digitally verify your candidate’s identity via our optional digital Liveness and Biometric Face Match feature.

Taakd Value

What Our Team Will Bring to the Table

Taakd’s network of in-house and on-the-ground researchers gives us an expansive geographic reach to jurisdictions across the globe. We offer a wide range of search options to enable you to implement a criminal history background screening program that best meets your specific needs, including: internal policies, legal requirements, time constraints, and more.